(Chief Executive Officer, Angel Group of Companies)


You have distinguished yourself among your contemporaries as a true and a successful Businessman of the first rank in so many ways. Indeed, you are first among equals of your age, and it is a feat by all standards.

Humility, Patience, Determination and Hard work are the core values you constantly combine as a silent but formidable weapon to achieve success in all your business endeavours. Endowed with humility, with patience, with determination, with hard work spirit and with good sense of humour, you are an excellent businessman of the first class who has the privilege and always at ease to parade the corridors of kings, queens, political heads and the most influential personalities in the society. Wherever you are, whatever you do and say, you mark well and leave trails of commendable distinction behind you.

A dedicated philanthropist, who has generously supported education by establishing an educational institution from the local to the international level for the training and supply of the manpower requirements of the nation as well as helping in finding solutions to the unemployment challenges of the country; a compassionate humanitarian, whose life has been dedicated to the pursuit of finding permanent solutions to the challenges that confront employment-related issues; a giant entrepreneurial herbal scientist, whose practical approach to herbal research findings in the herbal industry makes your efficacious herbal medicines a household name as an alternative and a close substitute  to orthodox medicine in the cure of malaria and other related diseases; and an industrialist of extraordinary insight, who developed and continues to develop practical job-solution interventions in a number of areas to a significant number of the populace for their economic and social reliefs.

It was not by mistake that just recently a panel of independent and objective-minded jurists of PERISTROFI WORLD HONORARY INTERNATIONAL assessed your achievements over the years and selected you as one of the awardees of HONORARY AMBASSADOR OF BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR IN WEST AFRICA-(AMBASSADOR) AND HONORARY DOCTOR OF SOCIAL SERVICE AND DEVELOPMENT (D.SSD)-(DOCTOR).

Welcome to Angel Educational Complex

Angel Educational Complex is to provide quality education aimed at sincere delivery by intelligently directing and skillfully executing a programme of training of individuals who will fit properly into society whilst enhancing staff enrichment, and being socially responsible for nation building.
To be the market leader in a competitive environment to enhance the envisioned quality education at both basic and secondary levels thereby contributing significantly to the socio-economic needs of Ghana.
Admissions into the various schools namely, the primary, the JHS and SHS are done through Entrance Examinations and successful candidates are enrolled.

The Complex has in place well co-ordinated co-curricular activities in the form of educational tours abroad and excursions within Ghana to broaden the scope of studies and give practical experience to students.
Students and Pupils who exhibit exceptional brilliance and academic are also awarded scholarships.